There are five known worlds of existence.

Natural World
A mortal world and the home of humans and orcs. The laws of nature are dictated by science and take precedence over magic. Bending or breaking the laws of science require special skills in magic imported from outside the Natural World.

Færie World
A mortal world and ancestral home of the sylvans. The laws of nature are dictated by magic and enchantment. They take precedence over science. Magic and enchantment are natural to all beings in the Færie World.

Shadow World
A world of the dead. The souls of dead mortals from both the Natural and Færie World dwell here until they are called to join their deity. Some are called quickly while others must wait centuries. Mortals who lived their lives without fealty to a deity are believed to wander the Shadow World forever after their deaths.

The Reed Islands
The lands of the immortal gods and those souls chosen to serve them after death.

The world of daemons and devils.



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