Setting Summary


The færie world and natural world are at war and the unaligned Fellowship Marches is caught in-between

  • The færie and natural world peoples have been warring for centuries. The humans refer to the conflict as the Sylvan Wars
  • For the last few decades the Sylvan Wars have been mostly skirmishes on the eastern borders of the human Dragon Kingdom
  • There are some communities where outcast and outlaw houses, families, and individuals of both færie and human backgrounds have been known to tolerate and even live alongside of their enemies
  • Groups (large or small) that are composed of both færie and natural worlds are known as Fellowships
  • Being part of a Fellowship is seen as treasonous to both færie and natural world communities
  • The Fellowship Marches is small area between an elven forest and the western borders of the human Dragon Kingdom that is home to a number of aligned Fellowships
  • The Marches are home to outcasts and outlaws from both færie and natural world communities
  • People of both backgrounds live relatively peacefully within the Marches
  • The elven forests to the west of the Marches, known as the Ashare Forests, have long been avoided and feared by natural beings
  • The human kingdom to the east of the Marches is known as the Dragon Kingdom. It’s closest community is the Duchy of Jesh which borders the Marches at the First River. It is generally considered too defensible to be attacked
  • The Dragon Kingdom has an alliance with orc tribes to the south of the Marches
  • Most of the Dragon Kingdom’s participation in the Sylvan Wars has been far to the east away from Jesh and the Marches
  • The elves of the Ashare Forests are mobilizing


Setting Summary

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