Building 4E Characters in the Fellowship Marches

Silver Elves
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4E Race Options: Eladrin, Elf
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Copper Elf
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4E Race Options: Elf
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The people who inhabit the Fellowship Marches and surrounding areas usually come from one of three backgrounds:

Sylvan Beings

The term “Sylvan” is the human word for the humanoid races that originate in the færie world. Sylvans tend to live longer and appreciate longer term goals more than the natural races. Sylvan is also the human term for the common færie world language.

Natural World Beings

The area is home to two humanoid races whose origins are the natural world: humans and orcs. The natural races tend to be less patient and focus on more short-term goals than the sylvan races.

The natural races tend to make individual freedom and technological innovation higher priorities than the sylvan races.

Hybrid World Beings

Some races have lineage that crosses two worlds.


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